eTRADE Programme 2.0 via – Claim up to RM5,000 with eTRADE Programme 2.0 now!

eTRADE Programme 2.0 has partnered with Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) to tackle the numerous challenges faced by SMEs in today’s competitive social commerce landscape, from fierce competition to the need for advanced technology with the eTRADE 2.0 grant. As competition increases on e-marketplaces, investing in the right tools and platform is crucial for success. This grant offers a strategic solution by empowering businesses to elevate their game and  promoting continued engagement in international eCommerce platforms, namely TikTok. By connecting SMEs with top talent and cutting-edge technology, eTRADE 2.0 equips eligible businesses to thrive in the digital realm with two (2) different financial incentive schemes of Onboarding and Digital Marketing & Training (DMT) with a subscription period of one (1) year.

eTRADE Programme 2.0 Objectives


To continue aiding Malaysian SMEs who are new to cross-border eCommerce in listing their products for export in order to speed up exports.


To assist Malaysian SMEs in establishing a long-term and valuable presence on cross-border eCommerce platforms through activities such as digital marketing, eCommerce training, and online export promotions, in order to increase their exposure and business opportunities on these platforms.

Boosting Export with

TikTok Shop Commerce Training

To leverage the potential of social commerce platform TikTok Shop around the world, eTRADE 2.0 will offer a comprehensive training session tailored to help businesses drive traffic, cultivate a loyal following, and monetise effectively from end customers with a structured, team-oriented coursework aimed at guiding companies through the entire process of establishing, managing, and optimising a TikTok Shop.

The training programme will delve into key analytics tools for enhanced sales performance and customer engagement featuring training on the following aspects:

Expected Training Outcomes

Registering for the eTRADE 2.0 grant is a strategic move that promises significant benefits for SMEs looking to thrive in the digital marketplace. By participating in our comprehensive training programme, businesses can count on mastering the intricacies of monetising social commerce platforms to maximise business growth and success with the following expected outcomes to look forward to:

TikTok Shop Account Set Up

Understanding the process of onboarding and setting up your TikTok Shop account.

Generate New Sales for Export

Using TikTok Ads to promote the products effectively through different sales channels and maximising product profit.

TikTok Shop Analytics

Using and interpreting different types of TikTok Shop analytics to understand the audience and optimise the shop’s performance.

Increase Traffic and Product Presence

Designing and executing effective promotions and campaigns on TikTok with ads for the targeted market.

Benefits to Joining


Collaborate with KYC verification process-approved buyers only.


Economical online marketing and product showcase for easy maintenance and usage.


Mobile friendly iOS and Android apps for fast and direct engagement with buyers.

Commerce Leads

More than 14,000 international trade fairs and events buyer databases accumulated over 10+ years.


Receive direct traffic with search engine Halal keywords domination and international trade fairs participation.

Am I Eligible to Apply?

The following criterias must be met by all applicants to qualify for the eTRADE 2.0 Programme under the guidelines of MATRADE:

At least 60% Malaysian ownership in accordance to SMECorp SME Definition

Undertaken Exporters Readiness Assessment Test (ERAT)

If you are not a MATRADE Member, please register with MATRADE. Registration is free of charge.

SMEs Definition in Malaysia

  • Annual sales are based on the latest Audited Financial Statement or Management Account.
  • Number of Full-Time Employees is according to the latest EPF statement

Manufacturing (including agro-based products)

Annual Sales: Not exceeding RM50 million


Number of Full-Time Employees: Not exceeding 200


Annual Sales: Not exceeding RM20 million


Number of Full-Time Employees: Not exceeding 75


Supporting Onboarding Scheme Documents
  • Invoice from eCommerce Platform / Channel Partner
  • Receipt from eCommerce platform / Channel Partner
  • Screenshot of company’s page in eCommerce platform

Terms & Conditions for Claim Documents

(*original document must be scanned in colour)

  • For eTRADE Programme 2.0 application and claim, all documents must be submitted online or hardcopy by mail/post according to the guideline provided. This will involve scanning and attaching documents for online application. All documents sent must be clear, readable and in colour.
  • If the documents are submitted in black and white, they must be certified by an External Auditor, External Chartered Accountants, Commissioner for Oaths or the issuer of the payment document.
  • All claim documents MUST be under the same company’s name approved for eTRADE Programme 2.0 application. Submission of claim documents under names of other companies or authorised individuals will not be accepted.
  • Documents not in English language MUST be submitted together with an English translation.